The Vice President and Glamour Co-Host Women’s History Month Brunch –

“It’s been so wonderful to partner with Glamour. What you and your team have done to emphasize the importance of economic empowerment, and in particular highlighting paid leave, is so important.”

Guests cheered as she continued: “This issue of paid family leave is a national issue in terms of the strength of our economy as a whole. And that’s why congress needs to follow Nancy Pelosi’s word and pass legislation around paid family leave.”

The Vice President also applauded the attendees for being trailblazers and history makers across sectors, and she encouraged them to continue lifting up and inspiring other women. She said, “My mother had many sayings. She said: ‘Kamala, you may be the first to do many things.  Make sure you are not the last.’ Let us continue to keep that path and that door open, and make it bigger and wider for all those who are counting on us.”

Glamour’s Editor in Chief Samantha Barry welcomes guests to the event.


The Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff took to the stage first to welcome guests to the event. He first thanked Glamour for doing “so much good in the world to uplift women, women’s voices, and their stories, to make sure that they’re never ignored.”

He noted how many history makers were in the room, the administration’s commitment to advancing the rights of women and girls, and his own passion for gender equity work, joking “I didn’t just start talking about gender equity when I met Kamala Harris.”

He then introduced Glamour’s Editor in Chief and Americas Editorial Director Samantha Barry, who spoke movingly about Glamour’s storied history of fighting for women’s equity, championing working women, and advocating for reproductive rights and paid leave. 

“I am honored and humbled to be celebrating Women’s History Month with you all at the Vice President’s residence. March is a really important month for us as we take account of the extraordinary achievements of women. For me it’s a time where we take stock of the past, celebrate the present, and plot the future. 

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